Our focus today is the same as it has been since 1988 when owner and president of Oak Tree Furniture Michael Shaffar opened the doors for business… to deliver quality!

When Michael (Mike) entertained the idea of moving back home from St. Louis and opening up a business,he felt that quality was the key to success.  But Mike would not be satisfied in just offering  quality in the furniture that he sold, he also wanted it in the service that he provided as well.   That meant thinking about what kind of service and respect he would expect for himself and apply that way of thinking to each customer.

After a lot of family discussion and careful consideration, Mike and his family made the move and opened up Oak Tree Furniture in the fall of 1988.  Since opening the business many things have changed at Oak Tree Furniture, in 2008 we transitioned from unfinished furniture that was finished in house to all amish handcrafted furniture built and finished in the heart of Ohio. In addition to our standard color choices and furniture we now have endless possibilities of custom color choices that can always be matched.   We also offer custom sizes and many different wood choices.

Even though we continue to make positive changes at Oak Tree Furniture to better serve our customers, our focus stays the same…delivering quality.